Scheduled: Upgrade Moodle to v3.4

We will be upgrading Moodle to version 3.4 on Wednesday, December 20th from 8am-10am. This release will bring new features and fixes. Here is a preview of the main features:

  • Better user management. You can now review and add enrollments (manual ones) from the same course participants screen.
  • Better calendar management.  
  • Easier activity navigation. Links are provided to let you move to the next or previous activity.

For more details about Moodle 3.4 please refer to the new features tour or the version release notes. There are also a series of videos that describe new version 3.4 features.

Please contact the Helpdesk with questions or comments: or 540.432.4357 (x4357 on the Harrisonburg campus).

Duration: 40 mins

Assigned Technicians: David Penner