Scheduled: myEMU & J1

Patch 7 to be applied to J1 Desktop, J1 Web, myEMU 1/31/2024 Shortly after 5PM

Updates: 5:20 PM backup of database completed

6 PM Jenzabar indicates work is complete

The most noticeable activity is on J1 Web there will be an IIS restart. People using J1 Web will lose connections and the ability to communicate with the J1 Web server during the upgrade.

On myEMU (different than J1 Web), Web Application Services (WAS) and Client Application services will be stopped and restarted.  myEMU should remain available but some data will either not be refreshed or be unavailable while the services are restarted.                 

Patch 7 will be available to any desktop users that want it on 2/1/2024. The patch affects 1098 and 1099 forms so folks in the business office are the people that need it.

Sorry for the short notice.

Scheduled: Moodle upgrade

1/4 UPDATE: The upgrade finished after a delay at around 10 pm last night. We are currently testing all parts of Moodle to make sure everything is working as it should. If you see something that you are not expecting, please e-mail Thanks!

3:35pm: The upgrade is still in process and our vendor is not able to give a timeframe on when it will be completed. We continue to monitor the upgrade and post updates when we have more information.

1:02pm: The upgrade is still in process and running smoothly. Moodle will remain unavailable until the process has completed. We hope it will complete by 3:00pm.

On Wednesday, January 3 9:00-1:00, Moodle will be unavailable while it is updated from version 4.0 to 4.1.

This is a minor update and you can read more about it here: 

Updates are necessary to keep Moodle secure, supported and provide access to new features. The timing of this update is inline with our standard practice of updating Moodle in July and Christmas break. If you have any questions, please email

Scheduled: Network Upgrade

UPDATE 2: All services are back on-line.

UPDATE: Most services are back on-line. Any remaining web apps that are not responding should be back on-line shortly.

On Wednesday, December 27 8:00-12:00, IT will be upgrading the software on a core network device. This will result in an extensive outage of networked technology on campus. Services impacted are:
Wired Network
Wireless Network
Classroom Technology

If you are off-campus some services will remain available, including all Google services, Moodle, Salesforce, and However, Jenzabar systems including J1 and MyEMU will not be available on or off campus.

Scheduled: J1 & myEMU

Update: 12/21/2023 8:10 PM Patch 6 distribution is mostly complete for connected machines. If your computer was missed, it may get updated when it connects to the server. But if it is still not updated after giving it a little time see the emailed instructions about how to apply Patch 6 to an existing Jenzabar installation.

Thursday, Dec 21st, from 6:50PM until 7:30 PM, is a scheduled information system outage for the Student Information System (Jenzabar J1). myEMU will be unavailable for brief periods from 7:00 PM until 7:30. There may be times during that interval when some pages/functions in myEMU while we are doing maintenance work on the database and web servers.

EMU payment processing (Transact/CashNET) is dependent on J1 and myEMU so there will times between 7:00 PM and 7:30 PM on Dec 21st. The PowerFAIDS interface to J1 will not work during the upgrade. Other systems should not be affected.

These changes will allow EMU to apply and use Patch 6 to the Jenzabar software on EMU desktop and laptop computers. This patch is necessary for EMU to comply with government-mandated reporting requirements (Issue 1009s, 1098t forms …). EMU will begin distributing Patch 6 at 8 PM on December 21st to the computers of Jenzabar users. If your computer is not connected to the EMU network or is turned off, the patch will be applied the next time the computer is connected to the EMU network.

Unscheduled: Google related issues

We are currently seeing reports of users having trouble using Google services like or Most users are seeing slowness or a 502 error after they log in. This appears to be transient and happening at different times. Refreshing the page might help after you have waited for a few mins. but Google ultimately will need to fix things. We will post any updates as we have them.

Update: Around 4 pm pages started to respond as they should.