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Blackboard problems – status report

As of 9:30 AM, Fri, Dec 15:
Blackboard is now accessible, however any FILES that were UPLOADED on Wednesday are not accessible. This does NOT include grades, discussions, etc., only uploaded files (Word documents, power point files, etc.) Information Systems is working to restore those files this morning.

AS of 3:00 PM, Fri, Dec 15:
Further research this morning (Fri) revealed that files that were UPLOADED between last Wed (12/6) and this Tue (12/12) were also missing. These have now been restored and Info Systems has located the files uploaded on Wed (12/13) and these will be restored within the next several hours.

At 3:55 PM Friday, the server needed to be restarted in order to complete the final phase of the restore procedures. This resulted in an outage of several minutes.

As of 4:30 PM Friday, the system is running normally and all files (that we know about) have been recovered and restored.