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SIS/CampusWeb Data View Caveats

Conversion of SIS data from our Jenzabar TE (AS400) to our new Jenzabar EX (Windows) system began at 5pm, Fri, 2/6. More information about the SIS conversion can be found on the TEAM-EX blog.

The SIS (AS400) computer will continue to be run but all data input to it has stopped. See SIS Data Input Outage item for more information in this regard.

CampusWeb content will remain “frozen” as of 5pm Fri 2/6.

CampusWeb will be replaced with a new system called “myEMU” which will become available when the Jenzabar EX SIS system “goes live” sometime during the week of February 23. An official announcement will be made to the campus at that time.

SIS Data Input Outage

Conversion of data from the Jenzabar TE SIS (AS400) began at 5pm, Fri, 2/6.

The AS400 is still running but we absolutely DO NOT want users to be logged into the system from 5pm Fri 2/6 through 8am Mon 2/9.

We do not have a simple way to keep users out of the system so we are relying on users to honor this request.

Beginning 8am Mon 2/9 if users wish to VIEW data on the AS400 they may login and do so. All data input must be suspended until the new Jenzabar EX system is “live” which expect to be about Fri, 2/20. Offices will received official notification when this occurs.