Intermittent internet connection outages Saturday

This Saturday, June 27 beginning at 9:00 AM, Information Systems will be making configuration changes to our network to accommodate a second internet service provider.  This will result in multiple intermittent interruptions in both the ability of on-campus users to access the internet (perhaps most importantly Google), as well as off-campus users’ ability to access services provided by EMU, such as Moodle and myEMU.  While we expect work to be completed by 1:00 PM, it may take some internet sites longer to re-establish communication with EMU so you may notice inconsistencies until later in the day.  We expect these will be few, if any.

Services that do not require internet access for on-campus users including, but not limited to, file access, printing, myEMU, and Moodle will remain available for on-campus users.

Duration: 9 hours

Assigned Technicians: n/a