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Unscheduled: Internet Issues

UPDATE 2/21/22 9:05AM: This has been resolved.

UPDATE 2/18/22 10:15AM: There is a temporary workaround in place. Technicians will continue to monitor.

There is currently an issue in internet traffic routing. You can monitor reports of this issue at:

This may impact the following:

  • Moodle
  • myEMU
  • 25Live
  • Medicat
  • Google Workspace (Gmail)
  • Zoom
  • AppStream

Technicians are monitoring the situation.

Unscheduled: Response to log4j Vulnerability

If you read the news today, you will see that there is a very bad security vulnerability with a software library called log4j.  We are vulnerable in several applications. In response we have proactively removed external access to these sites. 

Here is a list of what is affected
5. External access restored 12/11/21 11:00AM