Scheduled: myEMU & J1

Monday, December 23, 7 AM until 1 PM is a scheduled information system outage for the Student Information System (Jenzabar J1) and myEMU. EMU will be installing a year-end update. J1 will be unavailable during this time; myEMU will have limited functionality.

We expect to have myEMU available by 10 AM.

This outage is for J1 and myEMU. EMU payment processing (CashNET) is dependent on J1 and myEMU and will be down some during the J1 outage. Other systems should not be affected.

If you use the J1 client, please quit the client before you leave work for break. If the client is running during the upgrade, you may need to restart your computer after the upgrade for J1 to work correctly.

If you have questions or concerns, please contact the Information Systems Helpdesk: or 540.432.4357.

This update is crucial so that EMU can correctly figure taxes and pay employees in 2020. It is also necessary so that EMU can issue W2, 1095C, and 1098T reports in January.

We are sorry for the disruption on December 23rd, but we must update J1 before next year.
We will try to minimize the amount of time the system is down. Our goal is to minimize disruption for faculty, staff, and students.

Update: 10 AM: MyEMU is now available, we are still working on J1
Update: 11:30 AM: J1 is available for use, but IS is continuing to examine the system and correct any problems we find

Duration: 6 hours

Assigned Technicians: Becky Brenneman, Holden Byler, Jesse Groeneweg, Kent Palmer