Scheduled: myEMU & J1


1:30 PM Update complete. J1 working (EMU computers, RDS server, and appstream). myEMU working. CashNET working. Scheduled J1 jobs now on schedule.

10:45 AM Update is nearly complete. J1, myEMU, and CashNET are all working. Still testing scheduled jobs. Appstream is running the old J1 client software so cannot connect to the current database.

8:45 AM Update still in progress. myEMU available, CashNET still being tested but appears to be working, J1 available for interactive use. J1 scheduled jobs are not working. J1 on Appstream is not available.

7 AM Upgrade Still in progress DSU is now complete. You may receive a notice that J1 2022.1 has been installed on your machine as well as Patch 3. You may be able to connect to J1 with it. While the new software functions not all data in the database is finished being updated, so data in some places may not be correct.

8 AM MyEMU available, J1 update is still in progress, but you are welcome to use it. CashNET still needs to be updated. Permissions in J1 still need to be updated.

6 AM Upgrade proceeding normally. We have been running the Database Structure Update(DSU) for one hour. All activity in myEMU and J1 is restricted as the structure of the database is changed.


Monday, Oct 10th at 4:15 AM until 1PM is a scheduled information system outage for the Student Information System (Jenzabar J1). myEMU will be unavailable for a shorter period from 4:30 AM until 10 AM. EMU will be upgrading Jenzabar One and myEMU. J1 will be unavailable during this time.

This outage is for J1 and myEMU. EMU payment processing (CashNET) is dependent on J1 and myEMU and will be down during the J1 outage. PowerFAIDS interface to J1 will not work during the upgrade. Other systems should not be affected.

If you use the J1 client, please quit the client before you leave work on Friday. If the client is running during the upgrade, you may need to restart your computer after the upgrade for J1 to work correctly.

We are upgrading from Jenzabar 2021.3 to 2022.1 to fix bugs affecting registration and the business office.

Other features added by the 2022.1 upgrade include:

  • Increased functionality in the J1 Web product
  • Create Student Update process has improved performance
  • New gender and identity options
  • Pronoun tracking

Duration: 9 hours

Assigned Technicians: n/a