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Scheduled Phone outage – Harrisonburg

Update, 10:20am: All functions are tested and working. Outage closed. Exception: Park View FCU ATMs in the Campus Center and University Commons are not working. Park View FCU technicians were aware this might happen; we will be working them to resolve this issue.

Update, 9:45am: 800-number calling is restored.

Update, 9:00am: 911 service is now restored. Technicians are working on 800-number calling.

Update, 8:30am: Local and long-distance calling is working; 911 and 800-number calling are not. Technicians are working to resolve the outstanding issues.

On March 5 from 8-8:30am we will be upgrading a major component to the phone system at the Harrisonburg campus, Lancaster will not be affected.  At the beginning of the upgrade existing calls will be dropped.  Inbound calling will be available again immediately, however outbound calling may be unavailable for up to thirty minutes.

Voicemail System Upgrade

In order to add redundancy for message storage on our voicemail system, we will need to shutdown voicemail at 5 PM on Monday, March 7, and at 5 PM on Friday, March 11 for approximately two hours.

Because drives will be switched out of our voicemail system, messages that are received after March 7 will be available until the evening of March 11, after which they will be lost. It is important that you check your voicemail on March 11 before 5 PM to avoid losing unchecked messages.